Jane Austen's Accomplished Women


Jane Austen's Accomplished Women


Women's Education in the Regency Upper Class

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Square pianoforte with detailed inscriptions.

Untitled [A Regency Woman]
A young woman in late Regency dress, a pale ball gown with short puffed sleeves and her hair dressed up in a knot with ringlets at the temples, shown three-quarters length to left, standing by a panelled wall, hands folded at her breast, head…

38 strings; mechanical hook pedals.
Inscription: Camus rue du F.B. Antoine N°240 à Paris

Evening Dress
Gown made from muslin (cotton) likely imported from India

Grand Pianoforte
Large, grand pianoforte with lid.

Sheet Music for "Beaux Yeux"
Unbound printed sheet music of Storace's "Beaux Yeux and Jeunes coeurs soyez fidelles, the Favorite French Air & Gavotte", as sung by Signora Storace at the King's Theatre in the Hay-Market, at the Opera of La Cameriera Astuta. Signed "Mrs. Austen"…

The Mysteries of Udolpho, 5th ed.
5th edition of novel illustrated with copperplates and interspersed with poetry.

Illustration and pages from Pride and Prejudice, 1894 ed.
Hugh Thomson's illustration alongside of the first scenes from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, in which the Bennet sisters and their mother learn that Mr. Bennet has called upon single newcomer Mr. Bingley.

"Nov. 2. 1816. Tickford - Dinner waiting at a neighbour's house."
Watercolour painting depicting three people walking through mud near a pasture gate.
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